Corporate Portfolio

SKY GROUP is a multi disciplinary organization. The corporate office is located in Bangalore, Karnataka.

SKY GROUP has expertise in various fields of Surveying, Mapping, G.I.S, CAD, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, LiDAR and Software Development.

SKY GROUP believes in convergence of technology, innovation, expertise, experience and vision to deliver sustained value creation for clients, industry and society at large.

SKY GROUP have a new perspective of looking at Geographic Information System (G.I.S) and its elements which has the power to leverage enterprises.
SKY GROUP has 25 Man years of collective experience delivering quality solutions to domaincentric demands globally for standardizing and simplifying business processes with profile.

SKY GROUP domain expertise covers the entire project lifecycle and includes Consulting, Database Design and Development, Remote Sensing, Application Design & Development, Integration of GIS with MIS, Web enabled GIS and Implementation Services. We have an in house publishing unit with large scale scanning, plotting and printing.

SKY GROUP has given utmost care in terms of Infrastructure to have the best equipments which caters to the client’s requirements.