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  1. Interim Master Plan for 2 towns ( Kanakapura and APZ-1 which is Bidadi,  Ramanagaram & Channapatana) for Bangalore Metropolitan
  2. Regional Development Authority (BMRDA)
  3. Updation of Revised Master Plan for area of 1307 sq km for Bangalore DevelopmentAuthority (BDA)
  4. Consultants for MonoRail for Bangalore City.
  5. Updation of Cadastral Details for Karnataka upto Village level.
  6. Consultants for Revenue & Cadastral Mapping for U.S Counties
  7. Associated with IISc for Seismic Hazards Map of Bangalore.
  8. Indian Institute of Science ( IISC) .
  9. Desertification Vulnerability Model of Bellary District in association with Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), SAC-NNRMS
  10. Ahmedabad and Institute of Social and Economic Change (ISEC).
  11. Layout Planning and Analysis of Zoning Regulations (RMP – 2015) .
  12. Geo – Physical and Geo – Tropical Survey is completed for 16450 acres.
  13. Master Planning 2021 (Area: 701.96 Sq km)
  14. Detailed Ward Mapping for 100 Wards (Area: 500 Sq km)
  15. Detailed Survey & GIS for Skywalk in Bangalore